European LTI and Lions Weekend

Lions Cup Weekend

Every year, Zeta Psi sets aside a special weekend to celebrate our tremendous accomplishments and bonds of brotherhood with our chapters overseas. From February 7th-8th, Zeta Psi hosted its annual Lions Cup Weekend in London, England and was joined by 39 brothers from four countries – Iota Omicron (Oxford University), Theta Omicron (Trinity College, Dublin), Psi Omicron (University of Paris), and Rho Alpha (MIT).

Memorial Cup celebration
Brothers from the Iota Omicron and Theta Omicron chapters – Theta Omicron having just won the Matt Smith Memorial Cup.

On Friday, the annual Matt Smith Memorial Cup took place between the Iota Omicron and Theta Omicron Chapters. In a fierce display of rugby prowess, the Theta Omicron chapter ultimately ended up being this year’s champion. Later that evening, brothers participated in a ritual education session, as well as a seminar highlighting the importance and best practices of new member education programs.

Saturday featured the full European Leadership Training Institute, during which members discussed such topics as elder relations, finances, mental health, and value of Zeta Psi. These sessions allowed undergraduate brothers the opportunity to critically analyze important aspects of the fraternity experience with some of Zeta Psi’s professional IHQ staff and LTI faculty. Following the LTI, brothers watched the Six Nations rugby championship together.

Overall, the European LTI continually represents a unique opportunity for Zeta Psi’s overseas members to receive the same degree of networking and leadership training that our North American brothers enjoy throughout the year. Though Zeta Psi’s intercontinental nature does present its own set of unique challenges, the benefits of this borderless brotherhood are far-reaching. We’re continually thankful for our European brothers and for the bonds of TKΦ that know no bounds.

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