Get Involved

There are many ways elders can remain engaged with Zeta Psi after graduation. Please take a look at the categories below and fill out the attached form; we’ll get back to you shortly regarding open volunteer opportunities!


Chapter Level

Zeta Psi has chapters at over 50 universities across North America and Great Britain. Visit our chapter list to see where we have active chapters. Feel free to get in touch with local Elder Officers, or use the contact form below for more information about how you can become involved.

Regional Level

Zeta Psi has Regional Alumni Clubs in Canada and the United States, and we are always supportive of brothers who are interested in joining their regional alumni club or starting their own. To see where we currently have active Regional Alumni Clubs, please visit our RAC directory. Check with the International Headquarters to see you how you can start a RAC by calling or submitting the form below. If you moved close to another Zeta Psi Chapter, ask International Headquarters who to contact to get involved in the local chapter.

Grand Chapter Level

The Grand Chapter of Zeta Psi is always looking for more volunteers. The Grand Chapter assists active chapters, elder chapters, and organizes our yearly conventions which are held across North America. There are also numerous advisory committees, whose dedicated volunteers spend 10-12 hours per month assisting IHQ staff with various Grand Chapter initiatives.

Leadership Training

Each year, Zeta Psi hosts a series of regional Leadership Training Institutes throughout the United States, Canada, and Overseas. These events are great opportunities for brothers to learn, engage with other chapters on a personal and professional level, and build upon invaluable career and networking skills that will continue to serve them long after college. Zeta Psi relies on a number of volunteers in order to make these events happen. If you are interested in joining Zeta Psi’s LTI Faculty, or to attend one of Zeta Psi’s Leadership Training events as an elder, please contact Katie Schremp or complete the form below.

Get Involved