Ideal Chapter

The Ideal Chapter Model is a reference for what a Zeta Psi chapter should strive for in the indicated areas.

  1. The ideal chapter has a clear and written process for rush, training/education, risk management and succession planning.
  2. The ideal chapter never exceeds 30 days in arrearages to the Zeta Psi.
  3. The ideal chapter is in strict compliance with all aspects of Zeta Psi’s Risk Management Policy.
  4. The ideal chapter operates most effectively and efficiently with 40+ undergraduates.
  5. The ideal chapter consistently has a GPA higher than the Men’s Greek GPA on campus.
  6. The ideal chapter graduates 100% of its undergraduates.
  7. The ideal chapter has a 0% attrition rate of actives leaving the chapter before graduation.
  8. The ideal chapter has no more than a 5% attrition rate between new members and initiates.
  9. The ideal chapter participates in at least two philanthropic endeavors each school year.
  10. The ideal chapter participates in most relevant campus activities/organizations and takes a leadership role in many.
  11. The ideal chapter lives in a house owned by the Elders and is always full.
  12. The ideal chapter knows and uses the Ritual of the Zeta Psi Fraternity.
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