2000-2014: Zeta Psi in the Twenty-First Century

Fulfilling the promise of the new millennium, in the twenty-first century Zeta Psi has both adapted and expanded its reach to address the needs of a fraternity in a very different milieu than the parochial mid-nineteenth century in which it was founded. Once a collection of disparate chapters, the fraternity evolved in the twentieth century into a more cohesive brotherhood of spokes emanating from a common hub. The new millennium would demand yet greater strides in this direction to leverage the incredible explosion of interconnectivity occasioned by the presence of internet communications in virtually every aspect of life.

Crucial to such adjustments would be the nimble professionals of the Zeta Psi International Headquarters (IHQ) in Pearl River, New York, overseen for much of the twenty-first century by Executive Director Br M. David Hunter (Iota Alpha 1980; PhiAlpha CXXX). The duties of travelling secretaries had long since been superseded by so-called “leadership consultants” in visiting the various chapters, but under Br Hunter’s leadership, the staff at IHQ expanded dramatically and fully embraced the professionalism that would be required for the changes to come. Directors for chapter services, alumni development, and communications were established, allowing for the creation and implementation of long-term strategies despite the regular cycle of recently graduated Zetes passing through the role of chapter consultant.

Driving the professionalization and centralization of operations were the visions of the Phi Alphas and the fraternity’s volunteer leadership during this time. The fraternity made significant progress in consolidating its finances and instilling in its chapters the serious obligations that brotherhood imposed on members and chapters vis a vis the fraternity as a whole. There was a critical re-examination of our underlying strategy of expansion and maintenance of current chapters, looking to safeguard the fraternity’s prosperity and growth at suitable institutions long into the future. The Honor Campaign, Zeta Psi’s initiative to eradicate hazing, was launched in 2012. Nearly simultaneously, The Torch program was launched in 2013 to educate Zeta Psi members on the importance of ritual and history.

Backed by Br Hunter’s able corps and a brotherhood eager to seize the opportunities offered, these initiatives have proven uncommonly successful. The membership roll was trimmed of chapters long d