U.S. FlagThe Zeta Psi Educational Foundation awards about 75 scholarships each semester to eligible students in the United States. The Zeta Psi Foundation of Canada offers scholarships to students in Canada, using a different application (see below). Each US scholarship is generally a one-time per semester award of $250-$500. There is no limit to the number of semesters an individual may apply for and receive an award. In addition, two or three exceptional applicants each semester receive awards ranging from $750 to $2,500.

The submission period is open for Spring 2017. Please be sure to carefully follow all directions. Applications sent without an email cover statement of what is attached and why will not be considered. Please clearly label your application and transcript with your name and the application period. The scholarship application period will end at 11:59PM EST on Monday, February 13th.

Step 1: Fill Out This Form First

Step 2: submit it (with your transcript) via the US Scholarship Web Form


Canadian FlagThe Zeta Psi Foundation of Canada awards merit and need-based scholarships each year to eligible students in Canada studying at campuses where there are Zeta Psi chapters. Candidates are judged in four areas with the following weightings: Academics: 40%; Activities: 30%; Financial Need: 15%; Biography: 15%. Along with the application, the scholarship committee requires your most recent academic transcripts. Unofficial transcripts or, in the case of a freshman applicant, high school transcripts will be accepted. Please note that while reference letters are no longer required, references for contact will be asked for on the application to support your activities!

The 2016-17 Canadian scholarship application is now closed. Please be sure to carefully follow all directions. In order for your application to be accepted, the webform must be completed and the attached documentation (your application form and your most recent transcripts) must be submitted. Any other types of submissions, including those with missing information, will not be accepted.

Step 1: Fill Out This Form First

Step 2: submit it (with your transcript) via the Canadian Scholarship Web Form