Zeta Psi Partners with GreekYearbook


It’s our pleasure to announce that we’ve established a national partnership with photo services provider GreekYearbook. GreekYearbook specializes in composite photography among other photography services, dedicated entirely to the Greek market and Greek life.


For over 100 years, Fraternities have meticulously preserved their historical growth and accomplishments through chapter composites. In an effort to further preserve Zeta Psi’s legacy, we’ve established a national partnership with GreekYearbook. To provide our chapters with the best prices and quality available, GreekYearbook has provided discounted pricing exclusive to all Zeta Psi chapters


GreekYearbook has a tremendous relationship with the Greek community. We’re thrilled by the benefits that this partnership affords you, our chapters. Over the years, GreekYearbook has provided many Zeta Psi chapters the outstanding service they deserve. We expect all Zeta Psi chapters to take advantage of this opportunity.


As part of our agreement, GreekYearbook will provide each Zeta Psi chapters with exclusive pricing and discounts. Pre-designed and Zeta Psi approved composite templates will be provided to expedite and make the design process faster and easier than ever. Additionally, GreekYearbook will produce a President’s composite for our national office. Each participating chapter president will be featured in compilation of our “National President’s Composite.”
Please contact GreekYearbook for exclusive pricing, discounts, and additional details for scheduling your chapter’s composite shoot. GreekYearbook can be reached at 866-473-3592 or online at www.GreekYearbook.com.

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