Press Release: In Flanders Fields Fund

Zeta Psi International Fraternity and the In Flanders Fields Fund officially announce a partnership to commemorate the legacy of Brother Lt. Col. John Alexander McCrae and his poem “In Flanders Fields.”

On the weekend of November 11th, 2016, Veterans Day, Remembrance Day and Armistice Day, the Zeta Psi chapters across the world will gather to honor the Brother McCrae’s legacy in conjunction with the global commemoration of World War One. In cities ranging from Seattle, New York, Toronto and Oxford, brothers will gather to don the poppy pin and read Brother McCrae’s timeless poem. All proceeds will benefit veterans’ charities in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland.


Zeta Psi International Fraternity

Zeta Psi strives to be the premier international men’s fraternal organization dedicated to forging academic excellence and life-long bonds of brotherhood. Through active chapter participation and continuing alumni outreach, Zeta Psi members are committed to the development of leadership, character and intellect and to the service of their brothers, their communities and mankind.


In Flanders Fields Fund

Founded in 2015 during the centennial year of the writing of the poem “In Flanders Fields”, the In Flanders Fields Fund seeks to commemorate Lt. Col. John McCrae’s legacy as both an artist and a veteran. Through holding commemorations and raising funds, the In Flanders Fields Fund will pass the torch to the next generation through service and awareness of Lt. Col. McCrae’s poem.

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