Why Zeta Psi?

Why Go Greek?

Why should you “go Greek”? Becoming Greek is a choice, a choice to open yourself to a life full of opportunities and a lasting bond of true fraternal brotherhood. In fact, many of the greatest political leaders, CEOs, philanthropists, innovators, and athletes answered the call be something more, something great: Greek.

 Why Should I Choose Zeta Psi?

While the choice to go Greek may not be difficult for many, deciding which Greek organization to join can certainly be trying. However, the opportunities that Zeta Psi presents put it in a class of its own. Since the fraternity’s founding in 1847, Zetes have been blazing the path for all other Greeks, including being the first fraternity to reach the west coast, the first to go International (Canada), and the first to found a chapter outside of North America (Great Britain). Zeta Psi offers a truly one-of-a-kind experience and a competitive edge in life, no matter what chapter you join.

Not only has Zeta Psi innovated the Greek community; Zetes have been changing the world since the fraternity’s inception. Most notably, Zeta Psi boasts a two-time Nobel Prize winner (Dr. John Bardeen), a former Congressman and Secretary of Defense (Les Apsin), a Major League baseball manager (Joe Maddon), NFL MVPs (John R. Brodie and Red Grange), Superman (Dean Cain), McDonald’s CEO (Jim Cantalupo), CEO of JPMorgan Chase (William Harrison, Jr.), the founders of two major breweries (Dick Yuengling and Eric Molson), along with many other leaders and innovators.

Finally, you must be wondering, this is all great, but what can Zeta Psi really offer me? Zeta Psi prides itself on academic excellence; leadership and career development; and molding smart, honorable, determined, and conscientious men. Through Zeta Psi, brothers have access to bi-yearly scholarships, world-class internship programs in both Washington D.C. and New York City, six annual Leadership Training Institutes, hands-on alumni career mentoring, job opportunities through our innovative ZeteConnect network, and so much more. The opportunity to grow and make your mark are endless as a member of Zeta Psi, all you need to do is answer the call.

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