LTI Course Listings: Risk Management & Law


In the grid below, you will find all of Zeta Psi’s current Risk Management & Law (RML) course titles and descriptions. To view course presentation slides, click the on the course title.

Please note: You will need a password to view presentation slides. These presentations are available only to brothers of Zeta Psi. All active and elder Phi’s should have the course password information on file. If you have any questions regarding access to these files, please contact Joe Alessi.

Course NumberCourse TitleCourse Description
RML 101Risk Management PolicyThe most basic but significant of all LTI courses, Risk Management Policy is an overview of Zeta Psi’s official risk management policies and procedures. This course is required for all Zeta Psi members.
RML 103Developing Collaborative Risk Management PolicyWhile RML101 establishes Zeta Psi’s national risk management policy, Developing a Collaborative Risk Management Policy will assist chapters in creating their personal risk management policy. Identify the specific interior and exterior pressures on your chapter that require added attention in your risk management policy and develop a viable and sustained risk management policy for your chapter’s needs.
RML 104Media Relations: Crisis ManagementNo chapter is immune to crisis situations. The goal is to respond rationally and effectively when faced with a crisis. Learn the basics of crisis management through proven interior and exterior communications strategies.
RML 105Introduction to Civil Liability for Greeks - Intentional TortsDo you know what it means to commit a tort? This informational law course provides an overview of intentional torts and common situations in which liability for greek members can arise. Learn how to plan behaviors and membership policies to best avoid civil liability incidents.
RML 203Implementing a Risk Management PolicyA follow-up to RML103, Implementing a Risk Management Policy will inform chapter leaders how to take a risk management policy from concept to practice. By recognizing implementation steps and identifying roadblocks, chapters can ensure a smooth transition to a more comprehensive risk management policy.
RML 204Media Relations: ProactivityA crisis can strike at any time, and taking proactive steps to combat the PR backlash that come with a crisis can be the difference between a slap on the wrist and a suspended charter. Learn how to proactively police your chapter’s communications to prevent serious backlash in the event of a crisis and publicize your chapter’s positive accomplishments to build good will in the community.
RML 205Premises Liability for Greek LandholdersEven if you don’t own the property you reside in, you can still be held liable for incidents taking place on the property. This course establishes who has duty for property related hazards and helps generate a plan to best avoid liability in the case of an incident.
RML 206Social Event Planning for GreeksThis course outlines strategies to safely and effectively plan social events as a chapter. A great resource for executive boards before each semester!
RML 305Liability for Chapters, Officers, and NationalsOfficers of the chapter can be held legally liable for the acts of individual members. By identifying common situations in which this liability can arise and providing tips to mitigate these situations, this course can help fraternity leadership avoid legal burden. This course is a must for all chapter officers.
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