LTI Course Listings: Networking & Career Development


In the grid below, you will find all of Zeta Psi’s current Networking & Career Development (NCD) course titles and descriptions. To view course presentation slides, click the on the course title.

Please note: You will need a password to view presentation slides. These presentations are available only to brothers of Zeta Psi. All active and elder Phi’s should have the course password information on file. If you have any questions regarding access to these files, please contact Joe Alessi.

Course NumberCourse TitleCourse Description
NCD 101Resume BuildingYour resume is the most basic piece of your professional portfolio. Learn the do' and don'ts of resume building and structure to help develop your own resume.
NCD 102InterviewingA good resume will only get you in the door. Learning the basics of successful interviewing is essential to professional success. This course will help you properly plan for, execute, and follow up and interview.
NCD 104Introduction to Social Media NetworkingSocial media websites can be an excellent tool to build your professional network and explore employment opportunities, but only if used properly. Introduction to Social Media Networking explains the current networking resources made available only to Zetes, and reveals the do's and don'ts of social media networking.
NCD 107Effective Communication StrategiesEver wonder if you're being heard? Effective Communication Strategies outlines the basic tools the most effective communicators use to get their point across. An excellent course for leaders!
NCD 109General Etiquette A Zete is always a gentleman. By learning the proper etiquette for different situations, you can improve your socials graces and standing.
NCD 201Cover Letter DevelopmentVirtually every job application requires a cover letter. Without a strong cover letter, otherwise worthy job applicants will be passed over. Use this course to learn the necessary elements to every cover letter and develop superior cover letters of your own.
NCD 202Interviewing: TypesNot all interviews are created equal. Interviewing Types provides detail on 10 different types of interviews, and includes tips to develop a winning skillset that can succeed in any interview setting.
NCD 206Marketing Your Greek ExperienceZeta Psi can be an excellent resource for professional experience, if you leverage it properly. This course explains how to properly quantify and market experiences from the chapter house on a resume or in an interview.
NCD 209Dining EtiquetteEver find yourself in a formal dining situation trying to figure out what to do with all of those forks? Dining Etiquette covers everything you need to know in a dining situation, from when you can begin eating at a buffet to how to identify which water glass is yours at a formal meal.
NCD 301Advanced Resume WritingLike an expensive suit, a resume requires tailoring to really look its best. Advanced Resume Writing provides methods to analyze job descriptions for key indicators of experience expectations and identify the elements of your resume that can make you stand out for specific job openings.
NCD 302Evaluating Interview QuestionsWhere do you see yourself in five years? What is your biggest weakness? Many interviews will ask similar questions, and these frequently asked questions often require specifically thoughtful responses. Learn the standard list of frequently asked interview questions and discover what responses interviewers are really looking for.
Special SessionHow to Use LinkedIn and ZeteConnect in Your Job SearchA special session presented by Bruce Johnston at the 2014 Convention in Niagara Falls, this course details the finer points of LinkedIn, and how it can help you identify job opportunities.
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