LTI Course Listings: Leadership & Organizational Development


In the grid below, you will find all of Zeta Psi’s current Leadership & Organizational Development (LOD) course titles and descriptions. To view course presentation slides, click the on the course title.

Please note: You will need a password to view presentation slides. These presentations are available only to brothers of Zeta Psi. All active and elder Phi’s should have the course password information on file. If you have any questions regarding access to these files, please contact Joe Alessi.

Course NumberCourse TitleCourse Description
LOD 102Membership Skill Identification & DevelopmentLooking to turn the interests and skills of current members into results for the chapter? Membership Skill Identification & Development will teach you the best way to leverage your members' current skillsets for both the internal and external development of your chapter.
LOD 103Recruitment I: Basic Recruitment Strategy Learn the basics of fraternity recruitment, from selling potential members on your chapter to recognizing the real interest level of potential members. Perfect for new members.
LOD 106Basics of Organizational Philanthropy Quality philanthropy events can be what separate a good chapter from a great chapter. Learn about the different types of philanthropic causes, the impact these event can have in your community, and the steps you will need to take to host your own successful philanthropic event.
LOD 109Confronting the Problem MemberIt only takes the actions of one member to shut down an entire chapter. Confronting a problem member is beneficial for both the chapter and the member, but the process isn't easy. This course will help chapters to recognize the qualities of a problem member and create a step-by-step action plan to address the issues.
LOD 202Fringe Membership Identification & DevelopmentFringe members can be a problem for any chapter. With the help of this course, chapters can learn to identify the fringe members in their own organization and develop an action plan to bring each fringe member back into the fold.
LOD 203Recruitment II: Overcoming ObjectionsMost potential members have some reservations about the new member process or fraternity experience. Handling those reservations correctly can make or break a new member class. Utilize this course to ensure your members know how to properly address these concerns, and quell any hesitations a potential member may have.
LOD 302Preventing the Organizational Brain Drain Transitioning from one executive board or academic year to the next can prove difficult for fraternity leadership. Often times, vital information on how to effectively run a chapter is lost. Preventing the Organizational Brain Drain will assist chapters in identifying the gaps in their current transitioning model and develop a five-step plan to make chapter transitioning more effective.
LOD 303Recruitment III: Advanced Recruitment StrategyLooking for a course to make your strong recruiters even stronger? This course offers advanced recruitment strategies for creating more effective recruitment events and helping your members more effectively engage potential members at these events.
LOD 403Recruitment IIV: Recruitment ManagementEmploying a team recruitment model will ensure potential members are making connections with brothers who share similar interests and backgrounds. Utilizing project management and data analysis, chapters can deliver a more organized and efficient rush program with the help of this course.
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