LTI Course Listings: Finance & Project Management


In the grid below, you will find all of Zeta Psi’s current Finance & Project Management (FPM) course titles and descriptions. To view course presentation slides, click the on the course title.

Please note: You will need a password to view presentation slides. These presentations are available only to brothers of Zeta Psi. All active and elder Phi’s should have the course password information on file. If you have any questions regarding access to these files, please contact Joe Alessi.

Course NumberCourse TitleCourse Description
FPM 101Introduction to Project ManagementProperly managing a project, no matter how small, will lead to a more efficient process and more effective results. Learning the different components of properly managed projects, and how to incorporate them into chapter activities, can help your chapter cut the red tape associated with new endeavors.
FPM 106Introduction to BudgetsThis basics of budgeting course can help ensure your chapter is looking at its finances the right way. Learn the basic components of an effective chapter financial structure and how you can implement them into your own budget.
FPM 206Advanced Budgets: Managing DebtStruggling with debt is one of the fastest ways to demoralize a chapter's actives and elders. This course will teach you how to successfully manage a budget with debt and, for those behind on bills, develop a viable and realistic plan to quickly eliminate your chapter's debt.
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