Little Brother Application

Little Brother/Big Brother Application

If you wish to apply for a convention scholarship to attend the 2020 Zeta Psi Convention in Seattle, WA through the Little Brother/Big Brother program, please fill out this application. Submissions will be accepted until 5 PM EST on July 1st, 2020.
  • If you do not check ALL of these boxes, your application for scholarship will not be considered.
  • Section A

    Basic Information
  • Please list all position you have held within Zeta Psi, separated by commas
  • Please format your answer as City, State (or province), Country (if outside of the US)
  • Ex. Bachelor of Science, Masters, Doctoral, etc.
  • Please list year(s) in four-digit format, separated by commas
  • Section B

    Career Information
  • Hold down the Command (mac) or Control (windows) key to select multiple items
  • Section C

    Personal Statement
  • Please limit responses to 1250 characters or less.
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