Zeta Psi Historical Documentary

On Thursday, August 18th, The Zeta Psi Educational Foundation released As We Tread the Pathway High: The History of Zeta Psi to four standing room only showings at our 169th Annual Convention in Chicago, Illinois. The film is now available for all via the official Zeta Psi Fraternity YouTube channel.

The documentary, entitled As We Tread the Pathway High: The History of Zeta Psi, explores our fraternity’s rich history, tracing a 169-year evolution – from humble beginnings in lower Manhattan to what is now an internationally successful organization. With a close focus on the major episodes and dynamic players along the way, As We Treat the Pathway High investigates the historical arch of Zeta Psi. Research on this project began in April 2015, with producers scouring thousands of historical documents and photographs over a six-month period. This in-depth research, paired with hours of brother interviews and a powerful narration, came together to create a film that is as compelling as it is informative, for brothers and non-brothers alike. We hope you enjoy it.

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