Leadership Training Institute Registration

The Zeta Psi Educational Foundation presents seminars to teach leadership skills above and beyond what one traditionally learns in school. While the topics vary from year to year and from session to session, they traditionally focus on two issues – how to create and manage successful fraternity chapters, and how to prepare our members for success in life and their careers after college.

The LTI program offers sessions at each Zeta Psi Convention, at a series of regional conferences, and for new Presidents at the Kirby Presidents Conference.  For 2022-23, the Foundation has chosen to return to in-person regional conferences while still offering online courses as well.

We are excited to announce the in-person leadership training institutes this spring. The following chapters should save the dates which they are assigned and start to identify their chapter representatives. As a reminder, the LTI requirement is 30% overall: 10% must be in-person, and the remaining 20% can be online or in-person. Registration and travel details will be coming soon. If your chapter is not on the list, please let me know. Contact me if your chapter has any questions or concerns.

Chicago | 2/18 | University of Illinois at Chicago Campus
Sigma Phi | University of Illinois at Chicago
Omicron | Nebraska Wesleyan University
Omega Alpha | University of Chicago
Alpha Epsilon | University of Illinois
Tau Gamma | Purdue University
Interest Group | GVSU
Zeta Tau | Michigan State University

Montreal | 3/11 | Location TBD
Alpha Psi | McGill

Blacksburg | 3/25 | George Mason’s Campus
Alpha Pi | Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Upsilon | University of North Carolina
Beta | University of Virginia
Gamma Epsilon | Georgetown University
Kappa Delta | George Mason University
Phi Epsilon | University of Maryland

Las Vegas | 4/1 | Hotel*
Iota Nu | University of Nevada
Iota Delta | University of California, Davis
Iota | University of California, Berkeley
Sigma Beta | University of California, Santa Barbara
Beta Delta | University of Arizona

New Orleans | 4/15 | Tulane University Campus
Beta Tau | Tulane
Iota Alpha  | Texas
Interest Group | Alabama

Bloomsburg  | 4/15 | Location TBD
Pi Kappa | Commonwealth University of Pennsylvania
Tau | Lafayette College
Omicron Epsilon | Princeton University
Phi | New York University
Delta | Rutgers University
Kappa Phi | The Cooper Union
Mu Pi | Binghamton University
Sigma | University of Pennsylvania
Eta | Yale University

Western Canada | 3/11 | University of Calgary Campus (Chapter Facility)
Sigma Epsilon | University of British Columbia
Chi Gamma | University of Calgary
Mu Theta | University of Alberta

Alpha Mu — Plan TBD