Brotherhood Squared: The Zeta Psi Veterans Association

army men shaking hands

The mission of the Zeta Psi Veterans Association is to connect brothers who have served in their nation’s armed services with other veterans or active service members across the globe. Inspired by Zeta Psi’s rich history of military service, some brothers noticed that our recorded military history ends after the Second World War. Knowing that brothers likely participated in many conflicts and operations since that time, an official group has been created to connect brothers who serve and have served to share their experiences and stories so that they are never forgotten.

The Zeta Psi Veterans Association has also proven invaluable connecting and supporting brothers who are currently serving in the military to network, pass on their knowledge, their experience and tricks of the trade. Utilizing this group has helped current serving members to become better leaders and soldiers provided with the massive advantage of our own intra-Zete network.

As an organization we are looking to grow, and November is a fitting month to reach out to our brotherhood as our thoughts turn toward Remembrance Day in Canada and the UK and Veterans Day in the United States. While we take time to think of all those who gave their lives for the freedoms that we now enjoy, we would like to help hold that torch high. If you or any brothers you know are serving or have served, please share this article and look for the Zeta Psi Veterans Association on Facebook so that we can expand our extraordinary circle of brotherhood squared in service and in TKPhi.

Bro. Jonathan Deurloo, Theta Psi ‘19 – Founding Member, Zeta Psi Veteran’s Association

Any inquiries can be made to Interested brothers can search for “Zeta Psi Veterans Association” on Facebook.

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