ZeteCon19 – Big Brother Appreciation

ZeteCon19 Big Brother sponsors
Group shot of the Big Brothers and Little Brothers who attended ZeteCon19, who got together for a private lunch in Baltimore.

The full Convention experience can be expensive for an undergraduate Zete. Luckily, Zeta Psi has a Big Brother sponsorship program to ease the financial burden of an undergraduate attending Convention. By contributing to a Big Brother sponsorship, brothers can help provide an undergraduate brother with the invaluable opportunity of attending a Zeta Psi Convention.

Since the program’s inception in 2014, over 100 undergraduate brothers have been able to attend Convention thanks to the selfless contributions of our Big Brother sponsors. Thanks to this year’s sponsors:

Stuart Bowers, Phi Epsilon 1981
Perry Cosier, Alpha Pi 2007
Les Hilger, Mu 1965
Tony Hodgson, Theta Xi 1983
James Lugar, Phi Epsilon 2004
Gary Mootz, Pi Sigma 1963
Corey Nicholson, Theta Xi 1979
Andy Nunez, Iota Alpha 1994
Bob O’Donnell, Rho Alpha 1985
Alan Phipps, Nu 1990
Evan Pressman, Pi Tau 1984
C.R. Roberts, Phi Lambda 1970
Jay Rothberg, Delta Chi 1969
Dylan Thomas, Sigma Zeta 2004

Thanks to this year’s Big Brother Sponsors the following Little Brothers were able to come to Baltimore, meet Zetes from around the globe, and benefit from the Convention experience:

Cole Bradley, Theta Xi 2021
Cian Fogarty, Theta Omicron 2021
Matthew Gao, Alpha Epsilon 2021
Chandler Georgiou, Delta 2020
Michael Hasland, Iota Omicron 2021
Jake Heilman, Alpha Epsilon 2020
Clarke Keenan, Theta Phi 2021
David Kwon, Iota Alpha 2020
Jame Lemanis, Delta 2021
Kieran Morris, Theta Omicron 2022
Shane O’Brien, Alpha Epsilon 2020
Rafik Ouahid, Psi Omicron 2020
Austin Parker, Zeta Tau 2020
Deepan Patel, Delta 2020
Gregory Pearson, Theta Phi 2020
Timothy Samson, Theta Xi 20202
Timothy Wachter, Alpha Epsilon 2020
Graham Wobig, Alpha Pi 2020

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