ZeteCon19 – Awards Recipients

ZeteCon 2019 Awards Recipients

One of our favorite things about Convention is that it presents us with an opportunity to recognize the various forms of excellence within our brotherhood. Zeta Psi has a number of awards, both chapter and individual, that serve to make our appreciation for this hard work known.

Each year, these awards are presented to recipients beyond deserving of said recognition – this year was no exception. We were proud to present the following awards at this year’s 172nd Annual Convention in Baltimore, MD:

Distinguished Service Award – Zeta Psi’s highest alumni award, only given for special and outstanding long-term service. This award is not necessarily given every year.
Awarded to Stuart Bowers (Phi Epsilon ’81) and Dr. Les Hilger (Mu ’65).

Henry Elliot Service Award – This award is given out for volunteer service to Zeta Psi, for activities and/or actions during the past  year.
Awarded to Rob Weikert, Iota ’82

Alumni Advisor of the Year – This award is presented in an effort to recognize our many alumni volunteers who devote many valuable hours to our undergraduate chapters.
Awarded to Tom Hicks, Beta ’87

James J. Carey Leadership Award – Awarded to a brother who exhibits outstanding leadership qualities.
Awarded to Mike Freiman, Phi Epsilon ’78

Outstanding Alumni Award – Presented for sustained alumni contributions, of time, talent, or financial support.
Awarded to Jared Sunshine (Alpha ’04), Jon Ernesto (Nu Sigma ’04), and Tim Little (Delta ’78)

Award of Merit – This award may be given for singular or multiple tasks of special contributions/volunteer work, either to the local chapter, the Grand Chapter or the Educational Foundation.
Awarded to Brian Huff (Delta Chi ’18), Justo Karell (Nu ’17), Edward Summers (Nu Delta ’04), Father Edmund Luciano (Nu Sigma ’05), Dustin Slack (Iota Alpha ’93), Osvaldo DeLeon (Iota Alpha ’20), John Randall Post (Iota Delta ’85), Miles Buergin (Iota Nu ’15), Thomas Koch (Kappa Phi ’18), Charles Bachmeier (Rho Alpha ’18), Akil Middleton (Rho Alpha ’08), John Matisz (Theta Eta ’11), and Dan Luby (Tau Gamma ’14)

Phi Alpha Award – Given to an outstanding undergraduate for contributions made to his school, chapter, or Zeta Psi.
Awarded to Daniel O’Brien (Iota Delta ’19), Marcus Kant (Mu Theta ’19), Tyler Sharp (Omicron ’19), and Luke Baker (Sigma ’21)

Outstanding Undergraduate Award
Awarded to Matthew Gao (Alpha Epsilon ’21), Cole Kehoe (Alpha Mu ’20), Andrew Williamson (Alpha Pi ’20), Graham Wobig (Alpha Pi ’20) Culver Stedman (Beta ’19), Sam Belden (Beta Tau ’20), Steven Moulds (Gamma Psi ’20), Sam Visvary (Iota ’19), Marcus Samson (Iota Nu ’20), Narimon Farhangi (Kappa ’19), Aaron Weinburg (Nu ’19), Henry Gao (Omega Alpha ’20), Connor Molloy (Phi Epsilon ’20), Christopher Osufsen (Phi ’19), Benjamin Lampson (Phi Lambda ’21), Marcus Giese (Pi ’19), Walter Sill (Pi Kappa ’20), Brian Stapleton (Pi Tau ’19), Zachary Benjamin (Psi Epsilon ’19), Michael Trinh (Rho Alpha ’19), Jack Winther (Sigma Beta ’20), Kevin Metro (Tau Gamma ’21), Jean-Pierre D’Angelo (Theta Xi ’19),
Jake Yun (Zeta Tau ’21)

Red Grange Sportsman of the Year Award – Awarded to recognize outstanding achievement in sports. Available to either undergraduates or alumni.
Awarded to Eric Van Hees (Alpha Psi ’19) and Alex Livingston (Kappa ’10).

William A. Comstock Award – Presented to the chapter that best exemplifies the Vision of Bill Comstock.
Awarded to the Tau Chapter at Lafayette College.

John Birchfield Communication Award
Awarded to the Alpha Pi Chapter at Virginia Polytechnic Institute.

Bronze Chapter Awards
Awarded to the Alpha Pi (Virginia Tech), Zeta Tau (Michigan State University), Nu (Case Western Reserve University), Rho Alpha (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Iota Alpha (University of Texas, Austin), and Theta Xi (University of Toronto) chapters.

Silver Chapter Awards
Awarded to the Beta (University of Virginia), Iota Delta (University of California, Davis), Phi (New York University), Sigma Beta (University of California, Santa Barbara), and Pi (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) chapters.

Gold Chapter Awards
Awarded to the Omega Alpha (University of Chicago), Phi Lambda (University of Washington), and Alpha Psi (McGill University) chapters.

McElroy Order of Excellence – Awarded to any chapter that has received a gold chapter award for three consecutive years.
Awarded to the Omicron Chapter at Nebraska Wesleyan University.

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