Tau Chapter Wins Comstock Award

Tau Chapter winners of the William A. Comstock award

In the latest edition of Zeta Psi’s annual publication, The Circle of Zeta Psi, we featured the newly-reactivated Tau Chapter at Lafayette College. In particular, we focused on the specific challenges inherent in any reactivation process and how the group at Lafayette was able to overcome these hurdles thanks to strong support from their elders association and an unparalleled drive on the part of the reactivating class.

Zeta Psi featured the Tau Chapter’s reactivation in its latest issue of The Circle.

Since resuming their active status, the Tau Chapter has continued to excel in critical areas that often pose a challenge to new and emerging groups. Perhaps most pronounced of all was the chapter’s eagerness to re-integrate itself into the wider circle of Zeta Psi. Not content with being a strong chapter on Lafayette’s campus, Tau actives began making an earnest effort to create connections with as many other Zetes as possible. From attending the Iota Omicron Chapter’s (Oxford University) 10th anniversary banquet in London to visiting (and hosting) neighboring chapters at every given opportunity, the newly-reactivated Tau has established a brilliant tradition of inter-chapter relations and brotherhood. In total, the chapter hosted six groups (not including the entirety of Zeta Psi that visits during the Kirby Leadership Conference) and visited an additional seven throughout the year.

The William A. Comstock Award is presented annually to the chapter that best exemplifies, through their actions, the values conveyed in the Vision of Bill Comstock. For their unprecedented efforts in inter-chapter relations, the Tau Chapter was presented with this tremendous honor at Zeta Psi’s 172nd Annual Convention in Baltimore, MD. We at Zeta Psi are beyond excited to see what this young group from one of our oldest and most cherished chapters will continue to achieve in the years to come.

members from Tau Chapter holding the Comstock Award

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