ZeteCon19 – Leadership Training Institute Sessions

LTI Course Directory

One of the most important aspects of any Zeta Psi Convention is our three-day schedule of LTI sessions. This year’s sessions will place special emphasis on development; development of one’s chapter, development of one’s career, and development of one’s character. Alongside Zeta Psi’s own educational programming will be a number of guest speakers credentialed in various areas of expertise. This year’s slate of LTI sessions are:

  • Leadership and Organizational Development (LOD) 102 – Membership Skill Identification & Development – Looking to turn the interests and skills of current members into results for the chapter? Membership Skill Identification & Development will teach you the best way to leverage your members’ current skillsets for both the internal and external development of your chapter.
  • LOD 103 – Recruitment I: Basic Recruitment Strategy – Learn the basics of fraternity recruitment, from selling potential members on your chapter to recognizing the real interest level of potential members. Perfect for new members.
  • LOD 206 – Greek Philanthropy
  • LOD 209 – Changing Chapter Culture – At what point do chapter issues become indicative of an underlying cultural problem in the chapter? More importantly, how can we properly address toxic chapter culture in a productive manner? This session focuses on the various management techniques that we can utilize in order to help initiate positive changes in chapter culture.
  • Networking and Career Development (NCD) 104 – Introduction to Social Media Networking – Social media websites can be an excellent tool to build your professional network and explore employment opportunities, but only if used properly. Introduction to Social Media Networking explains the current networking resources made available only to Zetes, and reveals the do’s and don’ts of social media networking.
  • NCD 107 – Effective Communication Strategies – Ever wonder if you’re being heard? Effective Communication Strategies outlines the basic tools the most effective communicators use to get their point across. An excellent course for leaders!
  • NCD 206 – Marketing Your Greek Experience – Zeta Psi can be an excellent resource for professional experience, if you leverage it properly. This course explains how to properly quantify and market experiences from the chapter house on a resume or in an interview.
  • Risk Management and Law (RML) 103 – Developing Collaborative Risk Management Policy – While RML101 establishes Zeta Psi’s international risk management policy, Developing a Collaborative Risk Management Policy will assist chapters in creating their personal risk management policy. Identify the specific interior and exterior pressures on your chapter that require added attention in your risk management policy and develop a viable and sustained risk management policy for your chapter’s needs.
  • RML 206 – Social Event Planning for Greeks – This course outlines strategies to safely and effectively plan social events as a chapter. A great resource for executive boards before each semester!
  • Gen-Z – In this session we will take a look at the newest generation that is entering and graduating from college. We will share the similarities and differences between generations and discuss how to work collaboratively with all.
  • Stand Up to Harvard Session – This special session will introduce the overall Stand Up to Harvard campaign, provide updates on the progress of the campaign, and be a time to ask any questions you may have.
  • Mental Health – This course will introduce the basics of understanding Mental Health and how it impacts college students. We will also explore how to recognize Mental Health struggles in yourself and others.
  • Greek Bill: Budgeting 101 – This special session will have members of the Greek Bill team sharing their tips and tricks on how to best manage a chapter budget.
  • Greek Bill: How to Use Greek Bill – This special session will have members of the Greek Bill team sharing an in depth tutorial on how to best use the Greek Bill system. This session will be a great time to ask questions about how to best utilize Greek Bill for your chapter!
  • One Love: Behind the Post – This special session lead by members of the One Love team shows how social media can skew our perception of the relationships around us.
  • One Love: Because I Love You/Love Better – This special session lead by members of the One Love team shows how a short phrase like “because I love you” can be used as a form of manipulation. And that we’re actively taught so many things growing up, but we’re not taught the most fundamental skill of all, which is how to love.
  • One Love: Escalation – This special session lead by members of the One Love team is a powerful, film-based workshop that opens people’s eyes to the warning signs of relationship abuse.
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