ZeteCon Event Spotlight: Guinness Brewery

ZeteCon19 Guinness

As anyone who’s attended a Zeta Psi Convention in the past can attest to, each year we try to incorporate engaging (and sometimes educational) programming into our nightly events. ZeteCon18 featured a dinner cruise on Lake Seneca while ZeteCon17 brought us to Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby. ┬áZeteCon19 will be no exception.

We’ve already teased Thursday night’s excursion to the Baltimore Aquarium, but there’s another event lined up that we’re equally as excited about. On Wednesday night, brothers and guests will have the opportunity to explore the brand new Guinness Open Gate Brewery and Barrel House! The first Guinness Brewery on U.S. soil since 1954, the Open Gate Brewery is a three-part mega-brewery with several distinct facilities, each brewing a different line of Guinness product. The brewery facilities include:

  1. 100-hectoliter production brewery where they make Guinness Blonde and other new beers.
  2. 10-barrel experimental brewery where new Guinness beers are explored.
  3. A barrel-house, where they experiment with aging Guinness beers in an assortment of spirits barrels.

The Open Gate Brewery also hosts a 250 person taproom with 92 total taps, and a 270 seat restaurant featuring an assortment of cuisines from countries in which Guinness is served most frequently.

The Open Gate experiment is unique in that it combines over 259 years of history with the young innovation of American craft beer. The facility itself is located on the site of Maryland’s first legal whisky distillery, originally opened in 1934. Our evening at the Open Gate Brewery will include a tour of the facilities, as well as a crash-course on the history of the Guinness brand.

If you’d like to join us for our exclusive tour of the Open Gate Brewery, be sure to register for convention before all of the slots are filled!

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