2018-2019 LTI Recap!

2019 LTI recap

Another year, another successful series of regional LTIs! This year, Zeta Psi brought its LTI program to Boston, Toronto, Vancouver, Dublin, San Francisco, NYC, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. Although topics varied from location to location depending on regional need, general emphasis was placed on leadership and organizational development, risk management, and career planning/networking. In addition to returning courses that have proven successful in the past, Zeta Psi was also excited to add a number of new sessions to its LTI roster this year.

Zeta Psi also continued its partnership with the One Love foundation, actively working to help shape undergraduates’ understanding of relationship abuse and healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors. We were fortunate to have One Love join us at a number of our regional LTIs to deliver sessions further facilitating this important conversation.

Brother Omar Haroun (Iota, 2006) conversing with undergraduates on the importance of networking and goal-setting in your professional life.

One of the advantages offered to members of an international fraternity like Zeta Psi is a massive network of distinguished alumni who have already put in the groundwork in their respective careers. These brothers are a tremendous resource for undergraduate Zetes in the midst of an extremely developmental point in their lives. At each of these regional sessions, Zeta Psi was grateful to host a number of alumni speakers, each providing valuable insights into career building, networking, and life after college. A massive thanks is in order to each of those elders who took the time out of their busy schedules to speak at one of our regional LTI sessions.

Brothers Maurice DuCoing (Psi ‘03), Tim Plante (Pi ‘10), and Tom Panagos (Gamma ‘87) sitting on an elder networking panel
Brothers Maurice DuCoing (Psi ‘03), Tim Plante (Pi ‘10), and Tom Panagos (Gamma ‘87) sitting on an elder networking panel at our West LTI in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Thanks again to everyone who helped make this year’s Leadership Training Institutes possible, either through donations of your time, your support of various fundraising initiatives like the 1847 Pledge, or your participation as an attendee.

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