Elder Chapter Development Pilot Program

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Zeta Psi currently has a first-class training program in place for its undergraduates, presenting Leadership Training Institutes (LTIs) regionally and at the Annual Convention and Kirby Leadership Conference. Kirby, the retreat specific for active chapter Phis, prepares chapter leaders to be successful in their roles through training, discussions, and role-playing exercises. No corresponding program for elder chapter leaders currently exists.

The three top factors that contribute to the health and success of an active chapter all relate to a healthy, engaged elder chapter. Furthermore, the academic literature points to alumni involvement — with alumni leaders who “get it” — as leading to fewer hazing, substance, and behavioral incidents.

For a variety of reasons, not all of our chapters enjoy the support and guidance of a healthy elder chapter and we need to change that.

We are developing a pilot, volunteer-led program at the 2019 Kirby Conference to bring leaders of successful and struggling elder chapters together to share experiences and best practices in a facilitated environment to contribute to each other’s success.

Beyond learning from others’ hard-won lessons, new participants will build lasting, beneficial relationships to support each elder chapter’s role in guiding their own actives. At the same time, already-involved elders can access advice and proven ideas on how to build up their elder chapters at the local level. We’ll show you what ‘good’ looks like at several stages of development, not just the ideal.

Elder chapters can look forward to this pilot program’s launch on Friday, January 11th at Lafayette College in Easton, PA. For more information, please contact Tyler Boisvert at boisvert@zetapsi.org.

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