#myFraternity – Wednesday, September 12th

While public perception of fraternities is often shaped by negatives in the media, we know there is far more positive impact. We want to raise the volume on the hundreds of thousands of positive stories of fraternity.

You have an incredible story of fraternity brotherhood. We are asking you to share your story as part of the #myFraternity social media day on Wednesday, September 12.

During this first-ever #myFraternity social media day, our goal is to socially engage our members and friends to make a post to social media about the positive experience they have had through their fraternity.

So, how can you help? The success of this one-day effort is dependent on us all making a social media post using #myFraternity, as well as encouraging our brothers and friends to do the same. Through your connections and in influence, we ask that you be a leader in sharing and encouraging others to share!

Plan to make a #myFraternity post on Sept. 12
Reach out to others in your network and ask them to also share their story

We will have a series of posts from Zeta Psi accounts on Facebook and Twitter which can easily be shared.

Please help us lead this campaign. Thank you for your continued service and support of Zeta Psi!

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