Syracuse Rechartering Status

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The Gamma Chapter commenced active status at Syracuse University in the Fall of 1875. As it turns out, the chapter missed being the third fraternal organization at the university only by a matter of hours.

In 1905, the chapter purchased the original house at 727 Comstock Ave. At the time, the Chancellor of the university “co-signed” the mortgage, guaranteeing the full faith and credit of SU.

Circa 2007, after a series of disappointing performances by the chapter, the Syracuse Association of Zeta Psi (SAZP) was forced to take dramatic action. As a preventative measure, the elder leadership eventually removed the ancient Gamma Charter from the chapter room and closed operations of the active chapter.

Not long thereafter, the SAZP set their sights on recolonization. Brothers Mike Sheinberg,  Joe Mahota, Devin Cooper, Al Miesemer, Ira Berkowitz, Ed Guy, Mike Cuddy, Kevin Lastorino, Bill Sokol, George Tracy and others formed a new BOD with Stan Gorski acting as Phi. The group’s initial appeal to Syracuse’s Greek Council occurred in 2010 to no avail. Despite this setback, over ten years of hard work and dedication later, the Gamma chapter of Zeta Psi has officially been invited to re-join the Syracuse community. Recruitment begins on September 20, 2018!

Gamma is back!

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