At Least You Know Me – Maurice Ducoing

Name: Maurice Ducoing.  While many Zetes call me Mo, many Psi Zetes (and othr Zetes who know me well via Psi) know me also as MDu aka MDu son of JDu.  In the Spring of 2001, I was affectionately kidnapped after an ill-fated “Survivor and 40s” event at our Annex in Collegetown. Danny, Morgan and LB took me on a random road trip to Syracuse – it was not a suggestion, of course, but as a newly initiated Brother, I was more than happy to comply. On this trip, at some point, I don’t actually recall who, commented on the fact that Jennifer Lopez had taken on the absurd nickname/psuedonym “JLo”. As the resident Latino person in the car, like wildfire, my name became MDu. I scowled, as all those who know me, know I did. <redacted rest of trip details>  Upon return to Ithaca, I ran into Ben Klein, who I informed of my new name, and suggested that perhaps his would be something like “BKl” (pronounced “Bee-ckle”). Without batting an eye he responded, “I can do Bkl” I will save my pledge name for an in person.

Graduation year: 2003

Time as a Zete: In December it will be 15 years. The portrait in my attic is testament.

Occupation: Practice Director – Human Capital at a Private Equity firm specializing in B2B software firms.

Hometown: Seaford, NY (yes, that’s Long Island, but that’s just between you and me.  No one else knows).

Favorite thing about being a Zete: As the story I mentioned might indicate, making stories with Zetes has surpassed all else, and there are many astounding contenders. My only regret is not sharing enough new stories as well as my old ones with more Zetes in my “Zete Hometown”, Ithaca, NY. I truly hope that more Zetes will come to Ithaca this Convention and make more stories with me and the other Psis. Apart from an opportunity that may not come but once every 150 years, you will get to see Psi Zetes in their element, many of whom you may not get to see otherwise. Come make stories with us.

Favorite thing about Ithaca: Everyone says it and will continue to say it, but honestly, Ithaca is the most beautiful place I have ever been to in the summer months (yes, it is snowy and awful the other 9-10 months of year, but not in August!). Aside from that, a few MUSTS: Walk by the EcoHouse, where I lived my Freshman and part of Sophomore year and is thought to be one of the most haunted parts of Ithaca (have you read the recent articles on the fire?). Continue down Triphammer and stumble upon The Seat of the Psi Chapter, 534 Thurston Ave, our home since the 60s (I think) since another Fraternity forgot about the illegality of prostitution; come see all our little Easter eggs hidden throughout the House that only a Zete will understand.   Dont forget to walk across our gorges (and for that matter, you better be wearing your very own “Ithaca is Gorges” shirt now in any color in the rainbow – that is not an allusion to being gay, thanks, although that, too). Also, catch Louie at Louie’s Lunch and order some food like we did multiple times a week. See the new Botanical Gardens, renamed from “The Plantations” for obvious reasons, and walk the Arts Quad (especially at Midnight and see if the Statues will dance) or see our Brain exhibits at Uris or get some ice cream at the Cornell Dairy or stop by and see the Best Veterinary School in the World (and all the adorable animals) or the Statler, as the largest Student run (mostly) hotel that houses the top Hotel School in the world with the top wine class for students.  Or see the ILR school founded specifically to defend the rights of labor or our Gates Nanotech Facility or where is that particle accelerator oh yes and west Campus that….just visit and be done with it, ok?!

What he is most looking forward to about Convention: Seeing that look on everyone’s face when they realize this will be the most fun convention ever and then turning them down for a future one saying “Nope, you can wait another 150 years” and then doing something bitchy.

Favorite memory as a Zete: Too many to count – the above, my ill-fated Spring Break in the Bahamas or better….how about the ones I’ll make with you (just you, not him).

Ways he currently contributes to Zeta Psi: Maintaining the bifrost. And sitting on Foundation and Psi elder Boards.  But mostly the Bifrost.

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