At Least You Know Me – Tristan Hemphill

Name: Tristan Hemphill

Graduation Year: 2012

Time as a Zete: 8 years

Occupation: Currently an MBA student at Kellogg (Northwestern) but will soon be going into General Management at John Deere.

Hometown: Madison, WI

Favorite thing about being a Zete: In short, the community. I owe a lot to Zete from my first post-undergrad job to helping me get settled in each city I’ve lived in, and love how seamless it is to reunite with brothers we haven’t seen in years and act like we haven’t missed anything.

Favorite thing to do in Ithaca: Visit the farmers market. It’s right next to the lake and offers not just produce but some excellent food options (go to the Cambodian stand for a chicken pancake, you’ll thank me) as well as wine and cider tasting. Cornell Orchards would be another recommendation for those looking to explore less seen parts of our campus.

What he is most looking forward to about Convention: Catching up with those I haven’t seen in years, in addition to meeting new brothers and showing them around campus.

Favorite memory as a Zete: The spontaneous road trips that popped up during my time there, like our spring break in Montreal and visit to Baltimore to cheer on Cornell Lax at M&T.

How he currently contributes to Zeta Psi: Elder Alpha Phi for the Psi Chapter. Occasional appearances at RA(W)C dinners along with our Chicago area chapters.

…And at least you know me. Check back each week for new active and elder features of Psi brothers who will be attending Zeta Psi’s annual convention in Ithaca, NY this summer.

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