#ZeteCon18 – At Least You Know Me – Sylvan Donenfeld

Sylvan Donenfeld

Name: Sylvan Donenfeld

Graduation Year: 2020

Major: Government

Hometown: Trumansburg, NY

Favorite thing about Zeta Psi: Being a Zete means I always have someone who’s also excited to go on an adventure, go out to eat or even just do homework with me, at any hour of any day. Our bonds are profound, and I’m grateful for it.

What does your ideal day in Ithaca look like? I really value getting outside in the summer, and Ithaca’s the perfect place for it.The Mullholland Wildflower preserve is gorgeous, and in the summer you can hike up Six Mile Creek. If you’re not up for such an excursion, there’s nothing like heading to Cornell’s own Merrill Sailing Center on a hot summer day and dipping your feet in Cayuga Lake or taking a boat out.

What are you most looking forward to about convention? As a new member, I’ve already been impressed by the warmth and camaraderie I’ve felt every time I’ve met a Zete. I can’t wait to experience that on a grander scale in August!

…And at least you know me. Check back each week to meet a new Cornell active who will be attending this year’s annual convention in Ithaca, NY.

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