Zeta Psi’s Grand Chapter to Discuss Membership Criteria

Zeta Psi’s Grand Chapter to Discuss Membership Criteria

Zeta Psi’s current By Laws state that membership in our Fraternity is open to “men who have attained satisfactory academic achievement, displayed honorable character traits, and who have been involved in college or community activities”. While the definition of “men” has been unchallenged up until this point in our history, one active chapter — with the support of its university and IFC – recently made a bid to a candidate who was born a woman biologically, but who now self-identifies as a male.

Zeta Psi’s policy has always been that chapters are free to select members who met the Fraternity’s membership requirements and who were eligible to join. However, because this particular situation may set a precedent, the Executive Committee decided that the matter should be discussed at its Grand Chapter meeting in Ithaca in August – as has been our tradition for all important decisions throughout our history. Accordingly, the Executive Committee respectfully requested that the chapter in question postpone the initiation of this candidate until after the Grand Chapter meeting, which they have agreed to do.

Zeta Psi is not alone in having this conversation. The NIC is studying the question and we hope to be able to learn from our peer organizations (https://nicindy.org/news/2016/nic-establishes-transgender-inclusion-working-group/).

Additional detailed information will be shared with the Active and Elder Chapter Presidents before Convention with the expectation that every chapter delegate will come to the meeting ready to respectfully engage in this important conversation.

Zeta Psi was founded in 1847 at New York University. Through active chapter participation and continuing alumni outreach, Zeta Psi members are committed to the development of leadership, character, and intellect – and to the service of their brothers and communities.

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