1847 Pledge Now Open!

Last year, Zeta Psi launched the 1847 Pledge. Thanks to the help of 579 individual donors, Zeta Psi managed to raise almost $23,000. This in turn helped us to further strengthen our local alumni associations and improve our international Leadership Training programs. Although many people contributed $18.47, others recognized their own chapter anniversary, or the 170th anniversary of the Fraternity, with their contributions.

We are excited to officially announce that this year’s 1847 Pledge is now open. From now until April 2nd, Zeta Psi is humbly seeking donations towards this campaign. Every donation, no matter how seemingly small, goes a long way in building a better foundation for the brothers of tomorrow.

Donations from US residents are tax-deductible. Donations from residents of other countries may be deductible depending on your particular circumstances. Please visit https://brurl.co/1847PLEDGE to show your support today.

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