1847 Pledge

The 1847 Pledge is back!

Each year, Zeta Psi’s Leadership Training Institutes offer undergraduate brothers in the British Isles, Canada, and the United States the opportunity to network and connect with Zetes from around the world. These programs are an integral part of a Zete’s undergraduate experience, and truly help to shape our leaders of tomorrow. In 2017, Zeta Psi launched the first 1847 Pledge in an effort to support these programs. Last year, an astounding 496 people participated in the pledge, raising nearly $24,000 for Zeta Psi’s Leadership Training Institute. Top participating chapters were also recognized in Overall (Psi Chapter, Cornell), Canadian (Alpha Psi Chapter, McGill), American (Pi Tau Chapter, WPI), and Young Chapter (Delta Chi Chapter, American University) categories.

Can last year’s champions be bested? Will your chapter revel in the glory of receiving the championship belt at this year’s Convention in Baltimore? There’s only one way to find out: rally your chapter to take part in this year’s 1847 Pledge!

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Frequently Asked Questions (click to expand)

What is the 1847 Pledge Challenge?
The 1847 Pledge Challenge is a campaign to get as many Zetes as possible to show their pride in Zeta Psi by making a nominal donation of $18.47. It was started in 2017 to help celebrate the 170thanniversary of the founding of Zeta Psi, and has been popular with Brothers since then.

It looks like fundraising, isn’t that only for Elders? 
This campaign is for all Zetes. The suggested donation amount is $18.47, something that any undergraduate can afford as well.

 Why is the campaign launching on March 27th?
March 27, 1879 was the date that Zeta Psi chartered the Theta Xi Chapter at the University of Toronto, making Zeta Psi the FIRST international fraternity. Whether you are an American, a Canadian, or a European Brother, this ground-breaking effort to go international is a point of pride for all of us.

What if I cannot participate on March 27th?
The 1847 Pledge Challenge will launch on March 27th, but it will be lasting for one week, ending at midnight on Tuesday, April 2nd.

Why $18.47?
If you have to ask……see the first bullet.

Must I give $18.47?
No. $18.47 is a suggested amount. In the past, some people have given the amount equivalent to their Chapter’s founding year instead. Some people have given a round amount (i.e. $20, $50, etc.). Some Elders have given $1/year for every year of existence (this year, that would be $172). Some people, tight on money but wanting to participate, have given $5 or $10. There is no right or wrong answer – the key is to participate.

What will the money be used for?
The funds raised will be used by the Zeta Psi Educational Foundation to fund the Regional LTI programs offered throughout the year. The Regional LTI program makes leadership training accessible to you. It helps you develop essential skills you don’t get from management courses. While they surely help you run your chapters better, they’ll help you be effective in business and other organizations for the rest of your life. It is something that is available to All undergraduates.

Don’t my fees already fund the LTIs?
No, they don’t. Your fees help to pay for the operations of Zeta Psi Fraternity. The LTIs are run by the Zeta Psi Educational Foundation, which is a separate charitable organization and which operates solely thanks to the support of donations.

Where do I send my check?
This campaign is an on-line campaign. The secure link will be made available on the Zeta Psi website and in Social Media for the week of the campaign.

Is it only open to American Brothers?
No. Last year there were a large number of Canadian Brothers who participated, and there was a Canadian Division champion recognized at the Convention – with a Championship Belt. This year European Brothers have been expressing an interest to get involved. Zeta Psi knows no boundaries.

Why should I participate?
To show your pride in Zeta Psi, knowing that you will be ensuring that great leadership training is made available to all Zetes.

No, really, why should I participate?
Thanks to the donation of one dedicated Elder we can offer some cash incentives to the Chapters that are the first ones to hit certain benchmarks throughout the campaign.
And, if that isn’t enough, there are some awesome championship belts given to the Overall Champion and the Division Champions so that they can brag in true WWE fashion.



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